Your Privacy

In order to provide the Stepping Up program to you, we will need to collect and record some personal information about you. The information is gathered in order to tailor the Stepping Up program to meet your individual needs and to help you get the most out of the program as your work through it. You will also be asked to provide information that will be used to help the Stepping Up team evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

All the information you provide will remain confidential. The Stepping Up team have a legal obligation to protect your personal information. In order to protect your privacy, aside from you, only your Stepping Up health professional and the website administrator will have access to your information. Also, information used for the purposes of evaluation and research will all be de-identified.

Funded by

Beyond Blue


Stepping Up guides you step by step through a personalised program designed to help you achieve your health related goals.

Professional Support

In Stepping Up you will find information, examples and activities to complete online, plus optional email support from a health professional.